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What is rFOIL?

rFOIL Insulation utilizes reflective technology which is made from metalized film and air bubbles that requires an airspace facing one foil side of the product to work as designed. When installed properly, rFOIL helps to ensure that homes stay comfortable and energy efficient year round.

How does it work?

rFOIL's unique construction is specially designed to reduce radiant heat gain or loss in Residential, Commercial and HVAC applications. The Bubble core and the metalized film (outer layer) provide the perfect combination of heat reflection and thickness that outperform other materials which rely on mass (thickness) for their thermal values and performance.

rFOIL is recognized for its thermal performance, easy installations, versatility and environmental friendliness. It offers a number of advantages over traditional insulations.


  • Non-toxic/no carcinogenic
  • Energy efficient
  • Fiber free
  • Environmentally safe
  • Not affected by moisture and humidity
  • Resist growth of fungi, mold and mildew
  • Light weight, clean and easy to use

Covertech Fabricating Inc. is a manufacturer of extruded film (both Co-Ex and Monolayer) as well as an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Reflective Insulation and Protective Packaging products.

Established in 1990, Covertech produces and distributes quality solutions from our modern 107,000 sq. ft. facility in Toronto, Canada


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