SuperStor Contender Indirect Water Heater

Best overall value for the best overall price

The SuperStor Contender indirect fired water heater is designed to consistently deliver significant volumes of domestic hot water. The Contender draws energy from a boiler and thus does not need its own heat source. Hot boiler water flows through an internal heat exchanger in the tank, heating the domestic hot water. The glass lined steel tanks are specially formulated with high temperature porcelain enamel and fitted with heavy duty magnesium anode rods to resist corrosion and increase tank life.

Our ceramic coated smooth surfacecoil design resists hard water buildup whichcan reduce water heater performanceover its service life. Great price and great value, the highlyeffi cient, indirect water heater is slush coatglass lined (steel tank), not sprayed.

Versatile Range
The SuperStor® ContenderIndirect Water Heaterfrom HTP is the culminationof 25 years of indirect systemmanufacturing experience,with four gallon sizes available,the Contender can be usedin both commercial and residential applications.

High Output Heat Exchanger
When used in conjunctionwith an HTP high-effi ciency boiler,operating costs decrease even further. Ceramic-coated smooth surface coildesign resists hard water buildup,increasing performance over its life.

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