Ultra High Efficiency

92% Thermal Efficiency


Lower energy costs: up to 92% of the gas consumed by the Mod Con boiler is converted into heat, compared to a mid efficiency system where up to 40% of the heat can be lost through the chimney

Versatile Range
Three models: ranging from 1 Million BTU and 1.7 Million BTU suitable for every commercial application
Built-in cascading capability: a built-in sequencer allows up to four boilers to be linked together, providing increased turndown ratios, built-in redundancy, and a total heating capacity of up to 6.8 Million BTU

Turndown Ratio
10 to 1 with a modulating burner combustion system and two independent boilers working together as one unit, the Mod Con Double Stack boiler is able to operate at a true 10:1 turndown ratio, saving fuel and providing comfort levels efficiently and evenly

Equipped with concentric venting, the Mod Con Double Stack requires only one exhaust connection through the wall or roof for exhaust vent piping complete flexibility with the ability to vent up to 150 ft. Lower exhaust temperatures due to high efficiencies allows for the use of PVC or other plastic venting materials, saving on installation cost and time.

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