Ecowarm Radiant Floor Panel Heating

A cost-effective, high performing radiant board that is also earth friendly. Our Ecowarm PlusTM boards are FSCĀ® certified, made with sustainably grown FSCĀ® certified plywood, aluminum with a recycled content, and a low VOC glue -- all of it made in the USA.

ECOWARM is made under US Patent 6,533,185 and patents pending.

Ecowarm Plus FSC is a patented modular radiant board designed to be used over a sub-floor or when properly installed over cement. It creates the pathway into which 1/2" ASTM F 876-877 PEX tubing is placed. When warm water is pumped through the tubing, it then provides luxurious silent even heat. It can be used under almost any floor covering. Please download our 38 page Installation Manual which contains installation instructions and numerous floor assembly details. Typically the board is applied over the 80% to 90% of a project that is not under stairs or cabinets. The board has 2 patterns; straight and combo that can be laid out and installed by means of construction adhesive combined with screws and or cross stapling as recommended in the Installation Manual.

FSC certification means the product is made with a substrata of sustainably harvested FSC certified Plywood and our manufacturing facility is FSC certified and audited as a manufacturer. The aluminum contains recycled material and is bonded with a low VOC glue.


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